Blue Ocean Networks Pty Ltd

Business Advantage through Technology Innovation

Frank holds a PhD from the Australian National University and.has over 30 years experience in telecommunications, managing telecommunications R&D projects and network technology strategy in Tier 1 service provider environments. In his previous role he was Emerging Technology Manager in Telstra's Chief Technology Office & Innovation group and responsible for Strategy and Innovation in all Fixed Network technologies, including Transport, Aggregation, Broadband Access, IP Core Networks and Network Control.

He has been a leader in the evolution of Telstra's fixed networks. Recently, he has been leading the technology strategy for SDN and NFV networks and managing various proof-of-concept demonstrations with key vendors in these areas. He has been part of the founding ETSI NFV Network Operator Council and has been co-author of both the ETSI NFV Whitepapers.

He has been an Invited speaker at major international conferences including the Optical Fiber Communications Conference (OFC), Conference on Optical Internet (COIN), International Conference on Next Generation Internet and Related Technologies (MPLS International Conference), the SDN and OpenFlow World Congress and the SDN and NFV Summit.