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SDN and NFV help Telcos turn the Tables

Posted on 18 August, 2014 at 21:45

Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) are about to re-energise the telco market space and create a ‘Blue Ocean’ business environment and huge opportunities for service providers not seen since the start of the explosive growth of the Internet.


These are some of the conclusions highlighted at the recent Software Telco Congress – the SDN & NFV event in Las Vegas.


“…carriers can grow their revenue by providing virtualized-services to their enterprise customers by placing solutions in the customer’s cloud. By providing virtualized customer equipment, carriers will be able to cost-effectively compete with OTT cloud-communications vendors more effectively.”



Asked “‘What is the opportunity’”, ”‘Massive – huge – incredible – I haven’t seen an opportunity in the telco ecosystem space this big since 1998’”


So are Telcos really doomed to suffer a “dumb pipe” slow death? The tables are turning thanks to SDN and NFV …

Blue Ocean Networks is running a number of Workshops on Software Defined Networking and Network Function Virtualisation which analyse the business drivers, the business opportunities and use cases for telecom service providers and enterprise networks and the key technologies to deliver SDN and NFV networks

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