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Cherry Blossoms, Dragon Boats, SDN and IP VPNs

Posted on 16 July, 2014 at 22:40

It’s late Spring and Japan is emerging from the beauty of the Cherry Blossom (Sakura) season, in Hong Kong and China teams are frantically preparing themselves for the upcoming dragon boat races. There is a lot of cultural beauty on display in these parts of Asia as they celebrate their festive seasons.


Unbeknown to most, other preparations are also frantically gathering pace to deliver proof points for some rather significant breakthrough in Software Defined Networks (SDN) technology. In late May 2014, a Proof of Concept demonstration is held in Tokyo with representatives from a couple of major Asian carriers to demonstrate how SDN can turn a state of the art Layer 2 packet optical network into something much more powerful, a provisioning and configuration engine, not only for standard MEF Ethernet services, both the E-Line and the E-LAN type, but more importantly for Layer 3 IP VPN services, which is normally the domain of IP Service Routers. Other SDN based services delivered on this packet optical platform from UTSI that is widely deployed in some Asian carriers, were programmatic scheduling and dynamic on-demand instantiation of bandwidth on demand services.


Technically this is a significant breakthrough for Software Defined Networks. It moves a long way towards bringing SDN into the WAN and it starts to realize the vision of delivering real IP services over a much simpler common Layer 2 platform under the control of a centralized controller. There are obvious cost, business and operational advantages in being able to deliver IP services from a robust transport platform.


So just like the Cherry Blossoms in Japan broke through the cold and gray of winter, and like the dragon boat races celebrate the memory of a famous Chinese poet and his significant impact on Chinese society, so these less visible but very significant technical breakthroughs in the area of SDN emerged under the scenic Tokyo Skyline, and will help advance the move of SDN into the WAN.

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